Koo Koo Boy - Every Freak For Himself! Out Now!

Koo Koo Boy

25 years in the making, the debut Koo Koo Boy album Every Freak For Himself! finally arrives on vinyl. Initially released on cassette in 1992, Every Freak is a Rochester New Wave/Power Pop/Punk/DIY classic. Lovingly remastered from the original tapes, this release has Koo Koo Boy sounding the best it ever has. Listen, I've loved this band for over 20 years, getting this thing out in the world looking and sounding better than ever has been one of the great thrills of my life. If you guys love this half as much as I do, we'll all be millionaires.

Order one here: http://www.cityofquality.com/releases/koo-koo-boy/every-freak-himself